Type1Athletic Logo (2015)

Welcome to Type1Athletic.

Type1Athletic is a personal blog aimed at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for diabetics and non-diabetics through my experiences as a type 1 diabetic athlete.

Type 1 diabetes does not discriminate, there is currently no cure and it is a complicated condition which can be challenging every day. Diabetes should not be considered a condition which puts restrictions on people, diabetics should achieve all of the same goals as non-diabetics, but with a little more planning.

TYPE 1 CHALLENGE 2018!! We are rolling again in April 2018, 1,000km from Melbourne to Adelaide to raise money for JDRF & Type 1 Diabetes Research. Last year we raised nearly $140,000 (which was absolutely amazing!), and we are working hard to achieve the same again this year. PLEASE DONATE TO THIS IMPORTANT EVENT via my fundraising page JDRF one Ride – Alex Kozeniauskas Thank you for your support, your donation truely makes a difference.

Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1996 I have always been active and to this day I continue to push myself to achieve greater goals. I have had many interesting and insightful experiences with my diabetes and I have learnt a lot about how I can manage my diabetes to live, train and race competitively. I always take it as a compliment when people are surprised when discovering that I am a type 1 diabetic and am also so appreciative for their assistance and understanding of the daily challenges.

Through this blog I hope to inspire people to push their boundaries, be healthy and active, and have the best possible control of their diabetes. I have found that a healthy and active lifestyle has a positive impact on my diabetes control and as such many of the points I will cover in this blog are absolutely applicable to anybody seeking to be healthier.

I hope that I can achieve many things through this blog including promoting type 1 diabetes in the community and motive people to support organisations working to find a cure and better treatments for type 1 diabetes.

Follow my progress through my Blog Posts page.

**All information provided within this blog is from the authors personal experience only and should not be considered medical advice. Please refer to general disclaimer.


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