Successful Week

I have been steadily building my training volume over the last 6 weeks and I am seeing the benefits of this consistency. Happy to report I’ve have my biggest week and the body has pulled up pretty well. Working with my coach at Reed Performance Group has been a real eye opener and learning new ways to train and to trust the training plan has been both exciting and challenging!

Summery of training week - September 7th 2015

Summery of training week – September 7th 2015

I’m facing the usual challenges with training and managing my diabetes. Getting my basal insulin dose right for each session and maintaining stable blood sugars has been the biggest of these. To get this right I’ve had to go back to basics and tried to remove as many variables as possible to get my blood sugar levels and insulin doses right. I’ve been doing the following to achieve this:

  • Testing blood sugar levels consistently through the day, night and during training (around 20 times per day)
  • Using the Continuous Glucose Monitor
  • Keeping a daily diary of blood sugar levels, activities, food and training
  • Being really strict with my meals and carb counting
  • Reviewing any issues with my diabetes educator

The most beneficial thing that I have learnt over the last couple years in these situations is not to get too stressed out and just try to roll with my diabetes. It is so important not to overreact to high and low blood sugar levels and allow things to level out over time with the correct insulin dose or food. It is not always going to work out and sometimes you’ll have to walk 4kms (40 minutes) back to your car after you go really low on a run. That’s diabetes life though, try to just enjoy the walk and learn from the experience.


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