When Illness Strikes

There’s never a good time to get sick but it’s especially bad timing when you’re just at that point in your training plan when intensity and race specific sessions are scheduled. I survived the entire Melbourne winter without getting really sick and as soon as the weather turns for Spring I have come down with a virus which has knocked me off my feet for a solid week. No more strength endurance sessions and plenty of time on the couch now scheduled.

When illness strikes the couch is your best friend

When illness strikes the couch is your best friend

All type 1 diabetics will know that when you get sick maintaining stable blood sugar levels can become very difficult. I find this to be especially the case with my blood sugar levels general running higher throughout the day and then lower overnight. From experience I now take the following action immediately when I get sick:

  1. Stop training for a day or two and rest completely
  2. Increase insulin doses during the day and reduce overnight (that is my Basal dose as I am on an insulin pump)
  3. Load up on vitamins (Vitamin C, QB10, Mutli – what ever is applicable to your illness)
  4. Ensure I am well hydrated so drink plenty of water and no coffees!
  5. Focus on eating really healthy and even increase fruits and vegetables, it is important to maintain your bodies fuels to give it the strength to get better
  6. If I am seriously ill or do not feel better within a day or two, go to the Doctor and get a check-up

It’s all pretty straight forward stuff but when you are training for an event and focused on a goal it can be really difficult to stop for fear of going backwards. This is never the case and you are always better to quickly get over your illness and then get back into training 100% rather than struggle through and actually do more damage to yourself.

Enjoy the rest and just hope that there are some good movies on!!


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