T1D Looks Like Me

Flicking through Instagram the other day and this one similar blue image keep coming up on my feed. It was the JDRF campaign for Diabetes Month, #T1DLOOKSLIKEME. The colour blue representing the international colour for diabetes and image representing the many faces of diabetes, you and I.

JDRF T1D Looks Like Me Campaign for Diabetes Month

JDRF #T1DLOOKSLIKEME completing my first Ironman Triathlon in March 2015

The image and hashtag is simple but so powerful and I was blown away by the sheer number of people who had reposted it. This was a moment where I truly felt like I was part of a unique community and that I was not facing the daily challenges of diabetes alone. It was motivating, inspiring and empowering.

Absolute credit to JDRF for coming up with this campaign, I love it! You can easily get the image yourself from JDRF website and share it on all social media platforms just like I did.


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