Happy Birthday?

I have a love/hate relationship with three significant annual occasions; Easter, Christmas and my Birthday. I love them for the obvious reasons; family holidays, presents, food and chocolate. They make me really anxious as a diabetic because of food and chocolate.

As it’s my birthday today I’m going to focus on this and the birthday treat, the cake.

Pana Chocolate deserts on show, had a selection of six for my birthday cake!

Pana Chocolate deserts on show, had a selection of six for my birthday cake!

One of my rules (see my tips) is to avoid refined sugar which means that generally deserts and cakes are off the menu. It’s not that I don’t like them, in fact I have a real sweet tooth, it’s just that I find it incredibly difficult to keep my blood sugar levels stable when I eat them. The moment’s sweetness isn’t worth the after effects for me.

So how do I manage to steer clear of these and if I don’t, how do I keep things under control.

  1. Just say no – the hardest but best solution, I often fail with this one (including last night).
  2. Know what you are eating – by knowing exactly what I’m going to be eating and allowing a little extra insulin for a small piece of cake I can have my cake and eat it too.
  3. Have someone to support you – it’s always hard to say no to temptation so I ask my partner to give me a nudge when I am tempted by something that I shouldn’t eat. She reminds me how sick I will feel in a couple of hours and that usually is enough to then say no thank you. She is fantastic support!
  4. Find an alternate desert/cake – forget the chocolate mud cake, a favourite of mine is a watermelon cake with ricotta, nuts & mint inspired by Team Novo Nordisk team rider Chris Williams (watermelon cake link). I was presented with some beautiful raw deserts last night (pictured above) which are raw, organic and have no refined sugar. These are a great alternate but still need to be eaten in moderation.
  5. Just a taste (if you can stop at that) – last night’s birthday deserts were perfect to slice up in small pieces and just have a taste of everything. This is a perfect middle ground so long as you get your insulin requirements right which can be difficult with these type of deserts where you are never 100% certain of the ingredients.

I don’t like to think that this is putting restriction on me but I know what is important to me and that the sugar hit really isn’t. Keeping my blood sugar levels stable and feeling healthy are more important and in the end spending that time around a table with family and friends provides the best pick me up.

If you are in Melbourne check out the Pana Chocolate store in Richmond or order their chocolate bars online (http://www.panachocolate.com/) for your sort of healthy chocolate hit.

Products and thoughts in this post are the authors only, see Disclaimer.


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