HbA1c Victory

Another visit to the Endocrinologist yesterday and another HbA1c result in the bank on my diabetes journey. A fantastic 6.4 result after 1 year on the pump!

Mention HbA1c to any type 1 diabetic and it’ll bring many responses and emotions. As an indication of the most recent 3 months blood glucose levels this single figure is meant to provide you and your doctor an indication of how your blood glucose levels have been controlled. This number is not a true indicator of your control as high and low levels can average out to give a good results but from poor control. In Australia the target range is 6.5-7 (source: DA).

I generally have a HbA1c blood test every 6 months when I see my Endo. I have never really thought a lot about the result or worried about it but it is always good to keep it within the prescribed range and also when I have achieve a lower results than previously. Early on in the T1D life this was especially important and satisfying as my early results were in the 8-10 range.

Over the past 3 years my HbA1c has been fairly stable: 6.4, 6.5, 7.2, 6.5, 6.7 and 6.3. For the past year I have been using an insulin pump after transitioning from injections. I made this transition to help me better manage my blood glucose levels around my training and achieve more stable levels overnight. This has been a highly successful change resulting in my HbA1c dropping from 7.2 to 6.4 over the past year. Not that my previous results were bad but they may have been influences my the averaging effect mentioned previously.

I have been told by my Endocrinologist that after 20 years with diabetes and consistent HbA1c results under 7.0 that my risk of complications from diabetes has been reduced significantly. That is not to say that I can now relax and let this result slide up as the risk of complications will always remain.

It is a good feeling to know that through my hard work and diligence I have achieved these good results and not only are my risks of complications reduced but my good control has meant that my diabetes has not negatively impact my life. Happy with that!


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