2016 Here I Come!

2015 was a big year for me. Diabetes, sporting and personal events, milestones and achievements all contributed to a fantastic year. Plenty of challenges and a setback or two (crashed bike,broken collar bone, pump issues) all added to the mix.

A couple of things that I was particularly proud of were:

  • 20 years with type 1 diabetes and no complications to report to date
  • Maintained HbA1c under 6.5 and under 7.0 for the past three years
  • Achieved better control on insulin pump and using continuous glucose monitor (changed from injections in October 2014)
  • Completed my first Ironman in under 10hrs and without any diabetes issues
  • Started Type1Athletic and begun blogging about my diabetes experiences
  • Found a loving and supportive partner whom I could not have achieved all of this without
IM Melb Finish

Finishing 2015 Ironman Melbourne – 9hrs 32mins

So what’s to come in 2016? There are so many things that I would love to be doing and after the reality of day to day life I’ll be working hard to achieve as many of them as possible. In the end this is meant to be fun and I want to get the most enjoyment out of my passion for exercise, racing and talking to people about type 1 diabetes.

Some of my aims and goals for 2016 include:

  • Qualify and race at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships on the Sunshine Coast
  • Complete some races with my partner; triathlons, mountain bike or cycling events
  • Continue to build content on Type1Athletic including more diabetes specific posts, reviews and video content
  • Connect with more type 1 diabetics including athletes who are facing similar challenges; there are groups around the world doing similar things and there’s a massive opportunity to build our collective knowledge base here
  • Take more photo’s of where I am and what I am doing; this is more about slowing down and enjoying the moment which I’m not very good at
  • Get more involved with the local diabetes community and attend more sessions with support groups, product seminars and diabetes events
  • Build my diabetes and exercise knowledge, especially the connection between the two, to better understand why things happen and how glucose levels can be maintained at the most stable level
  • Design some Type1Athletic sporting kit which may include running and cycling gear

Although Type1Athletic is still in its infancy and I am learning a lot about blogging, social media and online content, I have really enjoy working on this. Documenting my experiences with diabetes and exercise has allowed me to reflect on what I have achieved and also provided the best education for me as I review what I have done and why certain things have happened. I have also found countless other resources to follow and these have provided the most positive impact for me just by knowing that I am not experiences this alone.

I am looking forward to another fantastic year and absolutely pumped to get started achieving my goals. I really want to connect with more type 1 diabetics and work with other diabetic athletes. I’ll be seeking you out but please get in touch, hashtag your posts as you achieve your goals. Bring on 2016.


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