T&D Jan 17th

First training and diabetes (T&D) update post and on time!

It’s been a week of highs and lows both training wise (physically) and diabetes wise (blood glucose levels – BGLs). Following a strong couple of week of training and some good number from last weekends high intensity sessions I started the week full of enthusiasm to continue to build toward my next race in three weeks. Two and a half days in and the wheels totally fell off; tired, no strength and feeling like S#$t! I rested for a couple of days and then tried to push out a good session over the weekend with much success, although I was feeling better my BGLs had been affected by the two days off and did run as planned. Been a tough week but I’ve learnt a couple of things.

  • Understand your fatigue; I had been feeling tired for a week but pushed through thinking that it was just the training load, not the case and I should have taken a couple of days rest a week ago instead of falling in a heap this week.
  • Keep a good track of your diet; having reviewed the last couple of weeks I realised that due to holidays and travelling my diet was a little off, a lack of red meat (iron) and correctly refuelling post holiday sessions have probably contributed to this build-up of fatigue and eventual blow up.
  • Quality over Quantity; I’m a sucker for doing extra’s but the reality is it’s better to get the quality done rather than the below par quantity, this is especially the case when leading up to a race when high intensity sessions are very important.
  • Diabetes control continually changes; I’ve wrongly assumed that my insulin race plan would be the same as it was 6 & 12 months ago, this is not the case and the weekends sessions proved that I got to be vigilant in reviewing my insulin and food requirements for training and racing. I will be assessing if basal insulin alone will be sufficient to fuel and maintain stable BGLs during a race.

Jan 17 Training

Due to fatigue and the late week diabetes issues where I has a couple of uncontrollable highs I wasn’t able to complete my full training program this week missing or not completing 4 days worth of sessions. Thankfully with 3 weeks until my next 70.3 Ironman event in Geelong I have time to pull things back together and be in good condition for the race.

Things that I will be working on in the next week will be:

  • Get over this fatigue with another rest day and then hopefully build up from there
  • Focus on my diet and getting the right quality fuels in (a couple of steak dinners coming up for me!)
  • Test more basal and Bolus insulin rates for race day which will include race specific training sessions where I’ll set insulin rates, eat and then swim/bike/run and then assess BGLs

Another big week to come and I’m looking forward to it being a productive and positive one!!

I would love to hear some feed back on my T&D posts and what specific aspect would be most beneficial to other Type 1’s.


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