T&D Jan 24

I have spent a lot of this week trying to figure out why I have been feeling so fatigued for the last 10 days. Following a visit to the doctors and a blood test we determined that there was nothing physically wrong with me. Reviewing my last couple of weeks on holidays including training and nutrition I believe that a combination of diet and environment has led to this increased fatigue. Coming of my broken collar bone I trained hard to get back to racing fitness. During this time over the holidays my nutrition and recovery were not 100% and this contributed to my fatigue. I’ve been satisfied this week that I’ve done the right things with my nutrition and recovery and my body is starting to feel better for it. Some things that I have learnt this week the:

  • Fuelling your body; Without the correct diet and nutrition you are destined to fail. Although there was nothing hugely wrong with my diet I was missing key recovery meals (nutrients and timing) and over/under eating whilst attempting to navigate holiday festivities and diabetes. I managed for a while but it eventually caught up with me and I crashed badly.
  • Trust your training programme; I have historically been great at doing high volumes of training and not so good at doing the specific training. When you work with a coach you’ve got to trust them 100% and follow the training programme and especially get the intensity right. The quality over quantity mantra rings true here.
  • Carbs stores & BGLs; Managing blood glucose levels (BGLs) is difficult and it is sometimes easier to not eat before and during a session rather than try to manage insulin, food and then BGLs. I have been struggling to keep my BGLs stable and I fell into this trap. I wasn’t eating correctly around my training  session which intern caused high/low BGLs and the associated issues. Managing diabetes with correct nutrition is a critical part of training and although it can be very difficult you’ve got to stick with it.
  • Accept the diabetes challenges; The fact is that diabetes is never easy and it won’t always go to plan. You can’t get upset by this and you’ve just got to push on as best you can and get things right for your next session. An important thing that I have learnt is that support from you training partners is invaluable. When they understand what is going on they can support you and help you get through a session (and let you eat their last energy bar!).

Week 24-1

I was not able to definitively identify the reasons for my fatigue last week but through extra rest and focussing on my diet I am now feeling a lot better. In the pool and on the track things are progressing very well but I am still not feeling 100% on the bike. It’s really important this coming week that I continue working on this so that by the start of February I am back to normal and ready to race. I am happy that this week has been an improvement in volume and intensity over last week.

Things that I will be working on in the next week will be:

  • Continue to focus on fuelling and recovery including getting another massage to flush out my legs
  • Test out my shoulder (3 months post broken collar bone/surgery) with some hard swim sessions and race simulations
  • Trial insulin rates for every morning session to get something set for February race day, this will include swim/ride or run sessions which will be similar to racing

Last week of solid training before taper week for Ironman Geelong 70.3 (February 7th) so going to focus on my quality sessions and recovery to get the body cherry ripe for racing.


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