T&D Feb 14

The post race recovery week is certainly one of the most enjoyable. You still get to train but the focus is on recovery and there’s no pressure to hit specific numbers. After a tough couple of weeks and my race DNF I was more than happy to absorb this recovery week and really enjoy myself.

A couple of sleep ins, only one session per day and a nice long coffee ride on Saturday all culminated in heading out for my girl friends birthday over the weekend. Great week! Now I am feeling refreshed and focussed for the next 10 weeks and preparation for Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie.

After the issues with my CGM in Geelong I was happy this week to stick with finger prick tests and although I’ve been testing 15-20 times per day it has been refreshing to not be constantly looking at my levels. Also with easier training sessions it has been more straight forward to get my BGLs stable and this has also provided a good opportunity to assess my basal insulin rates without too many adjustments. From this easier week I’ve reinforced the following in my regime:

  • It is clear that the more consistent you keep you insulin rates this has a positive effect on BGL stability. Completing only one lower intensity session per day my basal insulin rate remained very similar for the entire week and my BGLs were very stable for the week. I am really going to try to minimise the adjustments I now make to my insulin patterns as training builds again.
  • During my ride and runs this week I have given small bolus insulin doses to assist with control BGL rises. I have previously been nervous about doing this due to the hypo risk but giving on a small dose (0.25 – 0.50 units) has been very successful.
  • Recovery really works and is very important! Focussing on my recovery for the last couple of weeks has given me a lot of clarity on the importance of recovery and I’ll admit that I am a sucker for extra training. Nutrition, rest, foam roller and stretching have all become part of my daily rituals and although they are often difficult to fit in I am making them a priority.
  • BGL testing is critical and always worth taking a minute during a session or a race to complete just to be sure that things are tracking well.

A couple of weeks of endurance work coming up and then it’ll be in to some high intensity training blocks. I am going to continue to focus on recovery and getting my body right so that I don’t have any issues as the intensity builds.


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