T&D Feb 21

A benefit of doing these weekly reviews is that it has really made me think about my progress from week to week. For the last few weeks my post have had a similar feel; feeling average, feeling good, feeling up, feeling down, just struggling to get on top of little niggles. Being in the middle of the triathlon season and trying to build up to my most important races this is not a great way to feel. Considering this I’ve made the decision to restructure my training plan to hopefully allow me to get my body back in good condition for the remainder of the season and my A-races.

Through many consultations with various sports physicians I believe that my physical issues have developed through a lack of strength and my body not being able to cope with the training loads. As disappointing as this is you often have to step sideways to continue moving forwards. My new program will introduce 2-3 strength sessions per week for the immediate future and reduce the volume/intensity of my “on-the-track” sessions. I hope this change will reap benefits both physically and mentally.

As a type 1 diabetic athlete I focus a lot on the impact of my diabetes on my performance but as an athlete my physical and mental condition remains just as important and requires the same focus as my diabetes. Formalising a plan to get through this next period has been a very positive experience for me and I’ve learnt a lot this past week.

  • If you continue to do the same thing then you’ll get the same result; the consistent ups and downs of the past month are testament to this, trying to push through is sometimes not the best approach and you’ve got to change what you are doing to achieve a better result
  • Your training needs to be holistic; to be a complete athlete you have got to put time into all aspects of your training including “on-the-track”, strength, recovery, nutrition and mental aspects (not to mention diabetes)
  • Sticking to your diabetes management plan really works; since I have put a greater focus on getting my body right my diabetes management has taken a back seat. I certainly haven’t ignored it but I have just stuck to my management plan, eating the correct portions and not stressed about my BGLs. Low and behold things have run really smoothly and my BGLs have been very consistent.

T&D Feb 21

With such a big shift in my training program and mental approach, I am feeling really positive about the coming period. My training load last week was reasonable and I am happy with the endurance load consistency I achieved. This coming week will include:

  • Commence working with strength trainer focussing on rehab and functional strength including my right shoulder (broken collar bone)
  • Continue Z2 endurance work “on-the-track” with greater focus on pre-session activation exercises and post-session recovery
  • Get my nutrition back on track 100%; with the stresses of the previous weeks I’ve been sneaking in a few too many treats!

I have made contact with several local diabetic athletes and have wanted to catch-up with them recently but things always come up and organising a suitable time has been difficult. I really want to meet up them, have a good chat and hopefully learn a few things from each other’s experiences.


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