T&D Feb 28

It’s been a big week for all of the wrong reasons at this time of the triathlon (The Physical Impact of Mental Stress). to quickly summarise I’m taking a couple of weeks off to recovery from some pretty bad fatigue which has plagued me for the past 6 weeks. Apart from when I’ve been recovering from injury, I can’t remember the last time I’ve done such little physical activity in a week. Amazingly I’m not stressed about it and I actually haven’t had any urge to get out and train. I also feel great.

Without training there have been some minor adjustments to my diabetes management to account for the lower activity levels and fewer carbs. I have been really focussing on my diet for the purposes of maximising my recovery and this has also helped keep my BGLs really stable. I have kept away from processed foods and sugars, and stuck to what I know works for me; low GI carbs, fresh fruit and vegetables and lean protein. Balanced meals of around 40-50 grams of carbs, 25 grams of protein and a plate full of vegetables. It’s pretty straight forward and cutting out the snacks has allowed my BGLs to stay really stable. Fantastic!

Without training and the need to be constantly checking my BGLs I have not used my CGM for the past two weeks. This has been refreshing and I am checking my BGLs (finger prick test) much less frequently (probably still 10+ times per day but that’s a 50% reduction for me). I have found this change of focus for me to be really refreshing and I would recommend to everyone to take advantage of a full recovery period and change things up. The positive response both mentally and physically are almost instantaneous and I know that when I do return to training I will be able to put 100% into it.


One thought on “T&D Feb 28

  1. Well thought out son . I’m proud of you even more if that’s possible . It’s a real strength to be able to dettach yourself from everything and analyse it all , as well as listening to others to find a path that works for you .


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