T&D Mar 6

Another full week off training and although my body has really enjoyed the recovery my mind has been itching to get back into it. Unfortunately I picked up a bug late last week and struggled to get over it but this just added further importance to my resting.

Without a focus on training my diabetes challenges have been a little different this week. Trying to maintain stable BGLs whilst sick is always difficult and days spent in bed or on the couch change things significantly. I also attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend and this type of event always needs some careful thought to keep my BGLs in check. Having got through the week relatively unscathed I’m happy to provide some tips on how I did it.

Tips for managing diabetes and illness

  • Test your BGL more frequently when sick so that you can catch highs and low earlier and react quicker with smaller insulin adjustments.
  • Allow your BGLs to run a little higher when you’re sick as this is much safer than battling a hypo; I usually aim for 6.0mmol/L when healthy but am happy to sit up to 8.0mmol/L when sick and I don’t stress about it.
  • Get on the vitamins as soon as you feel sick, my favourites are vitamin C or a cold/flu blends from my local health store. An increase in fresh fruits and vegetables is also important.
  • Rest, rest and more rest. You’ve got to let our body put all its energy into recovering and remember that fluctuating BGLs will make it harder for your body to do this.
  • Remember to eat, your body needs energy to fight the illness so don’t skimp on meals in a effort to keep BGL’s in check.

Tips of managing diabetes at functions

  • Organise a proper meal and try to eat it at your regular meal time. The wedding I attended had a grazing menu spread over 4 hours which is not ideal for insulin dosing. We asked for a plate of food at around dinner time and this allowed me to eat and give a single insulin dose.
  • Remember that beer and wines have carbohydrates in them, a single beer or glass of wine can have between 10-15 grams of carbohydrate which can quickly add up over an evening. Having several drinks will require some insulin to cover these carbohydrates.
  • Remember that there’s always an extravagant desert and wedding cake so if you’re going to indulge then allow for this in you insulin plan, it can be a really good or really bad way to end the night!

I’m back into training this week and I super excited! I’m still a little nervous about pushing my body too hard so I am going to take a very cautious approach to my training over the next 6-8 weeks. A strength and condition component will form a big part of my upcoming training block with my swim/bike/run session around this. For each of these my swim session will focus on feel in the water, bike sessions to build cardio and endurance and my run sessions will be focussed on technique all in an effort to support a strong base for me to sustain.

**Consult your diabetes physician before making any changes to your diabetes management. Refer disclaimer.


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