T&D Mar 13

It’s been a fantastic week. I actually forgot what it felt like to be energised for a training session and this week’s sessions have been thoroughly enjoyable. Nothing too exciting but for my first week back it’s been great to focus on one session per day, incorporate my new strength program and get plenty of recovery in. Sticking to my training plan for the up coming 7 weeks I am confident that I will have a successful trip to Port Macquarie 70.3 at the start of May including a bit of redemption for my broken collar bone.

My weeks away from training have also been great for my diabetes. Physical and mental stress definitely makes maintaining stable BGLs more difficult, not least because you are often caught trying to force your BGLs to where you want them to be (which never works out well). I have taken this more relaxed approached into my training this week and the results have been great. I have been able to complete all of my sessions with stable BGLs and no highs post training which I have previously experienced. My time off has changed my insulin sensitivity a little and I’ve had to readjustment my basal plan to avoid highs/lows throughout the day and night. These changes have also been successful.

T&D Mar 13

Week 1 – strength, low volume, technique and pure enjoyment!

I’ve learnt a couple of really fundamental things over the last couple of weeks. Most of all it’s been listening to my body and not just forcing it. Now if my BGLs are not quite right or I am not feeling 100% then I am going to take heed of this and make adjustments. These may include changing the training session or missing the session all together. More importantly I’m going to make sure that my BGLs are in the right place before I start a session. Too many times I’ve been low and loaded up on sugar, or I’ve been high and given a correction bolus dose and then tried to train. Both scenario’s rarely work out well and this not only affects me physically with poor BGLs and a wasted training session, but also mentally as I stress about the previous items. I missed two weeks and am feeling great. Missing one session won’t make any difference.

Actual training takes up most of your time, but all of the peripheral things (how you are feeling, fatigue, conditioning, nutrition, recovery, etc.) are even more important and they will be the ones that derail your performance the most, as I have personally found.


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