T&D Mar 20

Another week and another bout of flu has knocked me down. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to kick the bug which I have had for the last 4 weeks and needed a couple of days in bed plus some antibiotics to finally put the nail in this bugger. Feeling much better now at the end of the week and hoping that with four weeks consistent rest and recovery I should now be able to get back into training. Managed to see an amazing sunrise this morning during an early ride which has finished off the week nicely.

On a positive note, I listened to my body this week and when I wasn’t feeling well I just took the week off and rested. In the past I would have tried to train and just push through it and I am proud of myself that I just stopped and didn’t stress about not being able to train. You’ve got to accept the situation that you get yourself into and then make the best of it. As a type 1 diabetic this is an important lesson to learn because T1D deals you a lot of the unexpected and you’ve got to be able to deal with it sensibly.


Selfies while on the bike, how my world is changing!! Love cycling around new areas.

I haven’t used a CGM for 4 weeks now and my BGL control has been very good. I do think that the CGM is a fantastic tool but it is not 100% necessary all of the time to maintain excellent control. The best thing to get out of the CGM is understanding how your BGLs respond to your daily life and once you know this you can trust yourself without the need to be constantly checking BGLs. In saying that, I am still testing 10-15 time per day at the moment and will be back on the CGM in the coming weeks as my training builds up again.

My thought for this week; diabetes management is all about consistency. Consistency in when we do things, in what we eat, in how many times we test our blood and dose insulin. This is repetitive, it can be frustrating and it doesn’t always work, but when you are consistent you know what is going to happen and can respond accordingly when it doesn’t. The attributes of a healthy and well controlled diabetic provide great benefits for the other parts of our lives and I believe being a T1D actually makes us better equipped to achieve the best out of ourselves.


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