T&D March 27

Successfully over the flu and back into a full week of training this past week. After over a month off the motivation and enjoyment getting back into training is fantastic. This has really shown me the importance of taking time off from training as part of your program to allow you mind and body to recover and reenergise. Back on the CGM this weekend and oh what a glorious piece of medical technology this is! So beneficial to understanding how best to control your BGLs and I highly recommend using one from time to time if you can.

After a week of training in Melbourne I headed up to Mount Buller for the Easter Long Weekend. I was looking forward to plenty of mountain biking on the awesome trail network up there but the Saturday morning Easter Fun Run also came onto the agenda late on Friday night. A 9.5km trail run including ascending the summit of Mount Buller was a nice little high altitude challenge (predominately Zone 4 session!!). I was able to keep my BGLs stable for the event but this was a little challenging as we didn’t get started until 9:30am which is a later than I would normally start training in the morning.

Mt Buller Run

Mount Buller Easter Fun Run details, clear to see where the “pinch” comes [lap times, elevation and HR shown].

Having put a real focus on not stressing about my diabetes and BGLs over the past month I am happy to report that even being back into training this week I haven’t let this stress build again. Of course my BGLs need to be stable for me to train but giving myself some allowance around sessions and timing has meant that things have been pretty smooth this week and a lot less stressful. Although this can sometime be difficult I think that it is really important to not stress about BGLs too much and trust that by sticking to your management plan things will remain stable and in control.

I am a little stressed out about the lack of training I have done over the last month with only 5 weeks until my next important race at Port Macquarie Ironman 70.3. I am really working on just trying to enjoy my training and no thinking too much about my performance. I know that if I get my body right for race day and my diabetes stays under control, then the results will happen for me. I want to be happy with the little achievements along the way and know that I have overcome challenges through my hard work. I am often told, don’t forget you are doing this because you love it and it’s meant to be fun!


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