JDRF Melbourne Event

I attended a supporter event for JDRF in Melbourne last night. This was the first time that I have attended a JDRF event and I found it to be a really positive experience and I walked away feeling really invigorated after meeting some great people and hearing about some of the fantastic research which JDRF is supporting. The development for better type 1 diabetes management in the last 10 years as well as better understand about the cause and potential cures is absolutely outstanding. Given this short period of time and the significant progress and developments I am excited about things to come in near future.

The key note speaker for the evening was Dr Eliana Marino, Principal Research Fellow, Head of Immunology and Diabetes Laboratory, Monash University, who spoke about her teams research in the relationship of out gut micro-biota and immune diseases which include diabetes. The idea that our guts play such a significant role in our health seems to have opened up a huge area of research with the potential to have a great impact on the understanding and treatment of man immune diseases. Somewhat controversial, there were some great discussions about diet and gut health and their impact on type 1 diabetes. I spend a lot of time planning my diet and it’s great to know that this is not only beneficially nutritionally but also for my overall health and immunity.

CEO of JDRF Australia Mike Wilson gave an impassioned talk about the great things that JDRF has achieved with particular focus on initiating many of the research projects and developments which are now being put through clinical trials around the world. Hybrid closed loop systems, encapsulation and smart insulin trails are all happening around the world with very positive results being seen. Even more exciting is that the large diabetes, medical technology and pharmaceutical companies are investing in these research trials and developments meaning that they provide a real opportunity for them to bring these to the market and type 1 diabetics around the world. Mike also gave some great insight into the importance of all aspects of these developments from initial research through to market availability and how all parties need to work successfully to achieve the goal we all want.


JDRF supports and works in all of these sectors to get the breakthrough research through to patient delivery. 

Last year I started making a regular monthly donation to JDRF (for obvious reasons) and seeing these developments and treatment possibilities mean I know that my donation is going towards great projects. If you are reading this blog then you probably have some link to type 1 diabetes and may already support a cause, but if you do not that I can strongly recommend that supporting JDRF in any way will make a very serious contribution to finding better treatment and a cure for type 1 diabetes. I will personally thank you for this.

For further information on JDRF and the great work that they are doing and support please got to the JDRF Website.


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