T&D April 10

After a couple of good weeks this past week was particularly challenging. Probably due my increasing volume of aerobic training I have suffered multiple hypos nearly every day and night this past week. Affecting my sleep, my training and just generally functioning each day made my week very frustrating. I have ended up reducing my basal insulin rate by nearly 10% and seen positive results though it is always very difficult making large changes like this and trying to figure out why things are happening.

This week has also been mentally tough with my BGLs causing havoc with my sleep and training. With the importance of these two elements to my life having them both not going well really stressed me out and I was struggling to keep myself positive throughout the week. I am lucky that I have a really supportive girlfriend and training partner who really help me keep my head in the game. In the end I was able to get a great weekend of training in (8hrs+) and I am feeling much better and coming into this next week with a great attitude.

Alex & Inge

Being honest and getting support from those around you is so valuable as a T1D and an athlete. Just doing what you can and enjoying it is so important. 

The challenges of this week have made me focus on a couple of the basic treatment and mental aspects of dealing with diabetes.

Make Small Adjustments & Monitor: Having multiple hypos during the day and night early in the week I had to adjust my basal rate to stop these. I am also nervous about reducing my insulin for fear of going high so I generally on my small reductions and then monitor how this goes. It is also important to only change one element so that you can more easily review if this works. By this I mean not changing your basal rate and also you bolus doses because you will not be able to determine which change worked or didn’t work. In the end it took me 5 days of adjusting and monitoring to get things stable again.

Do What You Can: Have these hypo issues made trying to train very difficult. I experienced either a hypo of high BGL with every session that I did Monday to Friday with the adjustments that I was making to my insulin rates. These incidents were both from the changes and also from second guessing what was going to happen as I had lost my consistency. Trying not to stress I did what I could and then adjusted the remainder of my sessions to accommodate by BGLs. This included a hard ride turning into an easy ride, walking and stretching instead of running and doing extra strength work when my swim session was cut short by a hypo. Although I was still frustrated these session were still beneficial and with a solid weekend it ended up being a good week of training.

Be Honest: I have generally kept my diabetes and its issues to myself which cause greater stress because the people around me don’t understand why I am acting funny. I made an effort this week to be open and honest with my training buddy so that when things went wrong it wouldn’t be a big deal. It is amazing how much easier it is when you are supported by others around you which instantly reduces your stress. No need to feel weakness because of diabetes issues, they are what they are and you need to work with/around them.

Although I am steadily building my weekly training volume and intensity I am conscious not to push too hard and overdo it. Ensuring that I get adequate rest including taking some days off is really important at this stage so that I can continue my progress towards Port Macquarie. Feeling energised, motivated and excited to continue to build my training!


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