T&D April 24

This week has been all about trying not to stuff it up. I’ve had four good weeks of training, gotten my BGLs back into a reasonably good pattern and I’ve started to feel fit and strong again. I believe that I am tracking well for a good performance at Port Macquarie Ironman 70.3 in a weeks time.

I generally don’t do a big tamper as I find that changing my daily routine too much throws out my BGLs. Tamper is about getting to race day being full of energy and feeling great so keeping my BGLs is check is vitally important. I try to keep my sessions during tampers weeks relatively consistent and just reduce the volume and intensity a little bit. I have been using Training Peaks for nearly a year now and as an engineering I love all of the data and feedback which the package provides me. The Performance Management Chart has been really helpful over the last couple of weeks to track how my fitness has progressed and also where I am going to be come race day on May 1st. Although I am not physically where I was 6 months ago I am feeling really positive at the moment and I think that is as important for achieving my best performance.

T&D April 24

Every training session recorded and analysed – TP Performance Manage Chart

Every week now I am reviewing what I have done and what I have learnt and the same things keep coming up as being really important for both my diabetes and my training. This week it has been; quality over quantity, and sticking to the plan. In all cases when I have changed something, tried to re-invent the wheel or do something extra then the results haven’t been positive; be they bad BGLs or not recovering from an extra training session, both leaving me feeling average.

The above points are particularly appreciable during tampering weeks when the focus is on feeling great. The hard work has been done and there are not fitness gains to be made during these weeks and by doing the wrongs things the impact on your race day performance is significant. I have really work hard to stick to my training sessions (going easy with some high intensity efforts) and also keep my BGLs in check by following the diet and insulin plan which I know works for me. It’s pretty simple in theory but a lot more difficult to execute. Luckily I’ve had plenty of experience following a plan to keep me feeling healthy so I’m pretty good at doing what is right (one of the bonuses of having T1D!).

Next week I’ll be reporting back from Port Macquarie. I’m an super exciting to race and see if all of the hard work will pay off. Diabetes plan in check and I’m off to the starting line.


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