Diabetes No Limits

Just another example that type 1 diabetes shouldn’t stop you achieving your goals, an article by type 1 diabetic and ex. professional cyclist Justin Morris on his experience completing the Simpson Desert Challenge. Posted on the Cycling Tips website it’s great inspiration for me knowing that we can push our limits under extreme conditions just like everybody else.

Image: Euan Pennington

Image: Euan Pennington

“As a cyclist who lives with type 1 diabetes I had a few extra challenges to overcome to ensure I could manage to race in such remote conditions. I was lucky to have an amazing support crew around me to ensure I was a-ok. To even be able to attempt such an event as a T1 diabetic is something that would have been considered impossible 10 years ago. I hope by giving this race a good go I will help open the eyes of my diabetes brothers and sisters.

The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge is more than just a race; it’s a race with a purpose. The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) provides life-saving medical attention to Australians living, working and travelling in remote areas. This organisation has saved countless lives over the years and is a lifeline to many outback cattle stations and townships which are otherwise many days’ drive from any medical centre or hospital bed.”

Click through to read more at Cycling Tips.


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