JDRF One Ride 2017

After I started making a personal contribution to JDRF in 2015 I am now looking to expand my support of the organisation over the coming year through my first participation in the JDRF One Ride 2017 (Donate to Type1Athletic JDRF One Ride). As a passionate cyclist this is the perfect event for me as it allows me to positively contribute to the JDRF cause and also provides a valid excuse to ride my bike more, everyone wins!


The JDRF One Ride (May 5th to 7th 2016) is a significant fundraising event for JDRF which is based around a ride and function in the Barossa Valley (http://ride.jdrf.org.au). To provide fundraising motivation for everyone I will be riding my bike a lot between now and May 2017 including riding from Melbourne to Adelaide for the One Ride event.

For this event I will be fundraising from now until the event in May 2017. To participate in the One Ride event there is a minimum fundraising target of $3,500 but for extra motivation I will be trying to raise $10,000 and also get my family involved to raise extra money and then participate in the event as a team. Fundraising activities not only achieve their purpose of raising money but they also provide excellent awareness, education and motivation about type 1 diabetes, all of which are so very important. As a type 1 diabetic for over 20 years this is obviously a cause very close to me and the recent exposure which I have had to JDRF’s work motivates me further as I can see the amazing things which JDRF do and the benefits which diabetics like me receive from this.

With so many kilometres ahead of me there are many things to be nervous about. The physical and mental challenges, keeping my diabetes under good control and also achieving my fundraising goal will all provide great experiences from which I want to achieve the best possible outcomes. I am very passionate about type 1 diabetes and health, and obviously cycling, and I hope that my knowledge and enthusiasm for both can benefit this cause greatly.


The Freedom Machine in Port Melbourne has been my local bike shop for many years and I am so appreciative for the support which Lachie & Emi have given me for this event. Pictured collecting my new Domane SL6 Disc for my coming adventures!

The events and challenges I will be undertaking between now and the One Ride event in May 2016 will include:

  • 160km JDRF One Ride event (May 2017)
  • Cycling from Melbourne to Adelaide for the One Ride event (900km)
  • Cycling 1,000km along the east coast of Tasmania (February 2017)
  • Training rides from Melbourne to Mount Buller (280km)
  • Exploring many long roads and rides around Melbourne
  • Running the Melbourne Marathon (October 2016)
  • Riding Melbourne ‘Around the bay in a Day’ with The Freedom Machine (October 2017) The Freedom Machine
  • Support JDRF One Ride training rides and events

I hope to continue to inspire and educate people through my experiences and will continue to blog about these regularly. I am passionate about being healthy and active, which is more challenging for type 1 diabetics than most people would be aware. It would be great to assist other diabetics become more active through this period and I am looking forward to meeting more people with type 1 diabetes and those who are as passionate about his cause an I am now becoming.


The confirmed route to the Barossa Valley (9/12/16) which I’ll be tackling with up to 15 cyclists and our supporters.

I ask you to please think about supporting this fantastic organisation and the work they do which is so important to me and all diabetics. Your contribution will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of all diabetics make it easier to live a healthy and complication free life.

Please donate through this link (https://jdrf-ride-2017.everydayhero.com/au/alex-1).

I look forward to personally thanking you and maybe enjoying a cycling experience with you if your passion also lies in the lycra kit. If you are interested in getting involved in the JDRF One Ride then please get in touch and you can join the Type1Athletic Team. I’d love to ride with more people with a connection to type 1 diabetes and for your fundraising efforts you’ll get to enjoy an all expense paid cycling weekend in the Barossa Valley!

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