First World Tour stage race for Team Novo Nordisk in 2016

It has just been announced that Team Novo Nordisk will compete in its first World Tour stage race next season at the 2016 Tour of Poland. This is another huge step for the team who is focused on one day racing in the Tour de France.

As a type 1 diabetic completing a single 2hr training session can be challenging. Competitively racing your bike for 6hrs on road, gravel and cobbles introduces more challenges. Completing a 7 day stage race, backing up day after day is another level of physical, mental and diabetes management. To be competitive is even more impressive.

This will provide further inspiration that anything is achievable as a type 1 diabetic.

To read more see the VeloNews website.


Team Novo Nordisk

I have been inspired by the Novo Nordisk cycling team since it became a purely type 1 diabetic team. Seeing these cyclists racing at the highest level with type 1 diabetes really showed me that my diabetes was no obstacle to competing in all the endurance events that I wanted to.

Further inspiration this morning through these images of members of the 2016 roster going through a Navy Seal style training camp in California. I’ve sometime thought that I’d make a good Seal, now I know that I can!

Novo Nordisk training on the beach in San Diego, California

I really like the Novo Nordisk messages – Inspire Educate Empower #diabetesempowered #changingdiabetes. I think that these sum up a fantastic message so simply.

Photo’s of the training camp can be found on the Cycling News website.