Training & Diabetes

I learn a little bit more about managing my type 1 diabetes every day and this is especially the case with training and racing. Blood glucose levels (BGLs), insulin rates, easy vs. hard sessions, fuelling and recovery all contribute to being a diabetic athlete and the more I train and race the better I get at maintaining stable BGLs and performing at my best.

My original aim with Type1Athletic was to provide easily accessible information to people with type 1 diabetes so that they can exercise more easily and avoid some of the initial challenges which I had to overcome. I review my performance every week and then adapt my diabetes management and training plan from what I have learned that week. This is the best information resource for me and thus the bes that I can offer to others. To better provide this information I now plan to post a weekly summary of my training at the end of each week (Sunday evening)  which will include what I’ve done, what I’ve learnt and what I will be implementing next week for both training and diabetes.

These weekly posts will up on my blog page and will also be listed with links on this training page. I hope that I can provide you with some valuable information and I’ll be happy to answer and questions.


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